Project Details:

Project Management Web Application

Project Summary:

A Web-based Project Management written in PHP that tracks work orders, bugs and change management.


Project Management Web Application

Project Description:

When I first started tracking bugs, they were kept in an Excel spreadsheet.  At some point, I added them under a Bugs category as Work Orders.

At some point, I realized the need to decouple them from the rest of the Work Orders if I was going to be able to more effectively add information about the bugs being tracked and the work done on them.  

The Bugs are associated with projects from within AIS.  The project at this point is a very simple CRUD application for maintaining a table of bugs in MySQL.  


Application Features:

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Features to be implemented:



 As I got into using Git, I started ensuring that every Work Order and Bug be created within AIS so that I could associate each commit to Git with either a WO# or BUG#.  When I was working on something that did not yet have either a WO or Bug created, I would create one before doing the commit to ensure I could track it by number.  

The goal down the road is that each developer on the team can click a Start and Stop button to keep track of how long each task takes as well as the ability for them to keep a journal of what work was completed, how it was completed and any additional details about the work being performed.