Project Details:

Application Inventory System (AIS)

Project Summary:

A PHP-based web application created to maintain a portfolio of domain names.  The project has since had features added to keep track of web servers, the projects stored on them and the web server settings for those projects.  This includes keeping track of social media accounts associated with each project as well as feeding data into other Intranet application features such as the Work Orders, Bug Tracking and Change Management within the Project Management Web Application I wrote.


Application Inventory System (AIS)

Project Description:

One of the first projects I had when I started in the Healthcare sector, was going on an Easter Egg hunt.  The organization has just formed to encompass multiple organisations under one IT department.  It wasn't until this happened, that our newly formed IT department realized just how many web servers were sitting on desktop computers within offices that spanned most of the GVRD.  Most of these websites we knew nothing of until a support request would come in and eventually, those sites would be migrated to our newly virtualized web platform.

I was initially tasked with creating the AIS (Application Inventory System) in an Excel Spreadsheet which kept track of all of these websites, intranets and other web-based applications.  This list was eventually ported into an ASP.NET web application.  In my time being there, we added over 55 websites and web applications which continued to grow as new projects were undertaken and/or old ones were newly discovered.

At one point, my own web portfolio had grown to over 25 domain names that I was losing track of.  I wrote a quick PHP script to help me keep track of my own domain names, where they were registered and when their expiry dates were.  I had also created with this a very simple todo list script to keep track of the tasks outstanding within my web portfolio's projects.

Although I did not realize it at the time, writing this PHP-based script was the beginning of me creating my own Intranet.  I have since added features to track Work Orders, Bugs, Change Management and all of my accounts such as social media accounts and other logins such as my laptop.

Application Features:

Features to be implemented:

I imagine this application will evolve over time as it already has for the the past decade.  I know I need go back and redesign a few things