Hire me!

Are you looking for a programmer who has a sense of humour, likes to have fun while working and is known to burst out in song?

How about web architect with virtualized LAMP web servers installed on their laptop who is not afraid to get their hands dirty on the command-line??

Or a business and technology veteran who might be a bit dense at times but when the light goes on, fireworks light up the sky!?!?

What I am looking for:

Where I would like opportunities to gain more experience:

Where I have no desire to go back to:

The majority of my 20+ years of experience includes programming, content management systems, database and web server management, creative problem solving and more recently, social media. Less so with internet marketing, graphic design, client and project management and front-end development. I need to git up to speed with LAMP development workflow in a multi-developer environment, including version control (branching/merging) and using an IDE. I have always used a text-based editor and debugged my own code by hand.

I am a Full Stack LAMP Developer who is always open to learning new business models, technologies and/or methodologies. What I value most in a workplace is the culture, learning and growth opportunities. While my preferred place to work is in a cafe, I am not opposed to drinking my coffee at a desk.

If you feel I would be a great fit in terms of my background and what I am looking for in a work environment, then please feel free to Contact me after reading and understanding more About Me!

I am currently unavailable until July 2018.